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Duke in Arizona – ADOPTED

This is Duke. He is 7 years old, neutered, approximately 70 lbs., incredibly sweet and drop dead gorgeous! Duke is in Phoenix, Arizona, and is available for adoption ADOPTED through Southwest Airedale Terrier Rescue. NO CATS. He has not lived with children, so no children living in the home under the age of 8 years old.  If you are a prior adopter or have an application in with us, please message us to let us know if you are interested. If you haven’t submitted an application, you will find the link at the top of this post.  We prefer to place within a couple of hours of Phoenix.




Barley of New Mexico – Adopted

“Barley” (formerly known as Marley) is finally on his way home with his new family.  First  meeting met with great enthusiasm, tail wagging, and big grins on the part of all humans   involved.  Must say that he will be missed.  Everyone who had a chance to get to know him, got  quite attached to him.

Barley was a stray whose owner never came to claim him and that the shelter could not place,  so they contacted Airedale Rescue and asked us to take him.  He was a bag of bones when we got  him .. only 45.5 lbs.  He is now up to 55 lbs. on his way to his proper weight of about 70  lbs.  He is estimated to be around 2 or 3 years old.  He had no training when he arrived, but  was very, very sweet and affectionate.

Wonderful volunteers Mara and Ted Miles, transported Marley/Barley, visited him frequently at  the kennel, groomed him, took him to classes, worried about him, loved him and did everything  they could to get him ready for a new home.  Here are excerpts from the journey they took with  Marley on his way to becoming Barley.

>Didn’t sleep too well last night thinking about him.  I told Dorothy that I have not seen a  dog in that poor condition.  You can’t tell how thin he is because of all the hair.  But there  is NOTHING between a thin layer of skin and his bones.  Breaks my heart!  I am so thankful  that SWAT is able to help this dog.

[Marley had kennel cough and was covered with ticks, so had to be boarded with a vet for treatment. ]

Here are some pix I took while at the vet’s today for his physical. (Ted wants to call him Marley because of the dreadlocks).

Will you help me?
Will you help me?
Under that hair is a bag of bones
Under that hair is a bag of bones









I was so relieved to see him looking and acting better.   His eyes were bright and he is beginning to show some Airedale energy.  He did sit for me–but  I think it was accidental and once he realized he could get a treat by sitting, the frequency  of the sit picked up quickly.  He is pretty BIG.  If he stands up (which he does frequently),  he is almost as tall as I am.  He is going to be a master counter surfer!  His feet and head are large and might indicate that he will still do some growing once he is fed right.  His temperature was down, the cough, although still there, has decreased, and he is definitely  feeling significantly better.  After the physical, Dr. Bradbury say he’s healthy aside from  the kennel cough.  There was a little debris in his ears but not much, a tiny bit of tarter on  the very back teeth.  A little congestion left in the lungs, but much better than a couple of  days ago.  He was given tick medication when he arrived and the ticks have been falling off.

He will do a tick panel on him as well as a CBC.  We agreed not to do the Rabies shot for now  because of his kennel cough.  And he will bathe him once he is better.   Marley is a love bug.  I don’t think he has had much, if any training.  But he loves to be  loved on and leaned against me for more stroking and pats.  And he stood very quietly while I slipped his collar over his head. (That was significant to me because I have been ‘bonked’ in  the face by all my young ‘dales while putting on their collars until they finally learned to  stand quietly while I did it.)  I ended up keeping the collar because they don’t use them  while he is in the kennel.  Aside from needing some training, I think he’s a very sweet boy and will be a wonderful dog for the right family.  He loves treats and responded really well to them, so I think training him will be fun.  I will see him again on Tuesday.  At that time  I can take him for a walk and see how he is on a leash. And I’ll start on the grooming –it is  going to be a project.

>Today’s visit went very well.  Marley was feeling even better and greeted me enthusiastically.    I hope he’s more trained by the time he’s at his healthy weight!.  I didn’t hear him cough  once while I was there.  I had intended to take him for a walk but it was sleeting rain by the  time I got there.  So I spent time with him working on his “sit” and beginning the process of  brushing him out.  He’s definitely picking up the “sit” quickly!  And he was very tolerant  about my brushing him.  I filled a waste basket with hair and was only about 2/3rds done when  they started to get busy and needed the room.  He didn’t seem to mind the brushing even though  it must have pulled a bit because of the dense mats.  He was getting tired of it by the time I left, so it was a good time to stop.  We alternated between brushing and practicing “sits” for  treats.  By the end he was starting to look like a wooly bear.  Ted joined us at the end of  the session and got an equally enthusiastic greeting.  He seems to love people.  The staff all love him already.  They tell me he’s ‘not bad’ on the leash.  When you put your  hands on his sides, he sighs and leans into you.  He loves to be touched and told he is a  ‘good boy’.

Are you sure that I am going to enjoy being beautiful?
Are you sure that I am going to enjoy being beautiful?
Such a good boy
Such a good boy








Marley continues to improve. Dr. Bradbury said he doesn’t think he is contagious. All of his blood work came back really good. The Tick panel has not come back yet, but he should have that soon. He’s gained a couple of pounds, which, although not much, still adds a tad more flesh between his skin and bones. He barely coughed while we were there. He’s definitely feeling more like an Airedale and has the energy to prove it. He greeted us with great enthusiasm and was eagerly searching for the treats he knew we had. And he remembered “sit” makes treats appear. Staff reports that he is pretty good on the leash. They also said he is “ready to be out of there”. He has a very large kennel, but it’s not the same as being about to let loose and run. We brought clippers and grooming tools and went to work on him. An hour later we were about half way through the job, but Marley’s patience was beginning to wear thin. I’m certain he has not been groomed much if ever before. He did amazingly well. We did not have a grooming table to work on so we made the best of the situation–one of us holding him while the other groomed. He was so badly matted that brushing him out was certainly not terribly comfortable, but he stoically put up with it. At one point he turned his head and put his mouth on my arm as if to say “that’s enough!” But there was no attempt to bite. We went through the better part of a bag of treats in the process–he is very food motivated. His head is the most challenging because he fidgets so much. He actually stood quite still while we worked on his body. Ted said running the clippers over his sides was like driving on washboards–bumping along over the ribs. We had to use a #10 blade because he was matted right down to the skin. We filled two wastebaskets with hair and didn’t even get started on the legs! The pictures will give you an idea of him–I’ve only gotten the legs brushed out and the face just started. Tomorrow we’ll go back and finish his legs and face. Won’t be a professional job, but he’ll look more like an Airedale and it will do till he can get a real grooming. Dr. Bradbury will get him bathed before we take him tomorrow. He’s plenty warm enough inside, but thought a bit of protection might be in order when he is being walked. Tried to buy him a coat at Walmart, but they didn’t have anything his size.

Looking like an Airedale
Looking like an Airedale

>I talked to Gail and she is willing to take him.  So tomorrow I will move him to Mis Amigos.   Dr. Bradbury said we can bring him back on Monday or Tuesday next week to be neutered if we  want to go ahead with that.    He loves to be stroked and told that he’s a good boy–leans into you and just soaks up the  loving.  I think he will respond well to training–seems to want to please you.  He is going  to make some family a wonderful dog if they put a little time into training. I think he would  do well with the family with teenagers–they would have the energy to match his and he would  love to have the kids to play with.

>Did some more grooming today–we’re getting there, but he grows tired of it and can’t stand  still very long, so it’s a work in progress–especially his face.  Bradbury was very busy  today, so they were not able to bathe him and I would have had to leave him there until Monday  when they open again, or take him to Mis Amigos this evening.  I opted for the latter because  it means I can continue to work with him tomorrow and perhaps on Saturday.

Here is more info  about him that we learned from the staff at B’s office:

–he knows to poop outdoors, but will pee inside.  Ted pointed out that he isn’t neutered and  is probably marking territory, so it may not mean that he’s not house broken.

–he seems to do OK with dog savvy cats–they have on at B’s office and he’s not tried to kill  it….:-)

–he loves people, greets everyone on his hind legs and want to exchange hugs (working on  this….)

–he’s actually pretty good on the leash–good thing, because he’s going to be a strong, big boy  when he is fleshed out.

–Dr. B said that even tho he tested positive for Ehrlicha, he shows no signs of it and he  can’t be positive that he has it, but good to keep on the doxy for the full month regardless.

–He also said “he’s a goof-ball and should be in a house with kids that will rough-house with  him”

–he was being fed twice a day, 2.5 cups.

–he damaged his kennel digging (they were not complaining, just reporting)

–he tries to dumpster (trash can) dive whenever he passes a trash can–they think that’s  where he got whatever food he got

Mis Amigos

–At Mis Amigos, he will be fed 3 times, 2 cups at each feeding, Candadae grain free kibble

–Mis Amigos will see if they can get him bathed for us.  The earliest they could schedule it  was Jan 12th, but if they have an opening sooner, they will do it.

–They will continue him on doxy twice a day

–He’ll get turned out with other dogs and they will report to us on how he is doing

–They have free training on Saturday for the month of Jan.  I plan on taking him and working  with him to see how he does.  In short, he has a very sweet “goof ball” disposition, seems eager to please, loves to sit for  treats (he’s got that one down) and is already a master counter surfer.  And he is a very  handsome boy.

>  Visited Marley today at Mis Amigos.  He is doing very well.  Was turned out with other dogs  and played nicely.  He was reported to be a little “humpy”, so he was turned out with another  intact male who is also a little “humpy” and they kind of canceled each other out.  No  aggression from either dog.

He has not peed in his cage so far, so he may not be as unhousebroken as we feared.  He continues to put on weight and the washboard ribs are not quite as pronounced.

They let us use their grooming table (happiness is a REAL grooming table with an electric  lift!).  So we were able to almost complete the trimming –still have a tiny bit more to do,  but at least he’s not looking like a lawn mower went over him.  He stood quite still for us on the grooming table–was very patient (I’m slow….:-)  We took breaks from the trimming to  play clicker games–worked on name recognition, come, and sit.  He is smart and learns  quickly.

Beautiful face
Beautiful face

Afterwards we took him for a walk. He is quite good on the leash, showed interest in barking dogs that ran up to the fence to greet him, but did not pull and even came away from them when I called him for a treat. Went past some chickens in a nearby pen–he didn’t even pull then!! Karma would have been at the end of the leash barking like crazy. But Marley merely looked at them as we went by. He got a goat-head thorn in his foot and let Ted pick it up and remove it, standing still like a gentleman while he examined the foot. He has already won the staff over–they love him!

Yes, I AM good boy
Yes, I AM good boy
I like this treat training!
I like this treat training!



>Saturday will be the first group training class–it will be fun to see how he does in that  environment working around other dogs.

> Marley was nothing short of amazing in class today.  There were 5 or 6 other dogs–so lots of  distraction.  I came armed with treats.  After an initial Airedale enthusiastic greeting, he  settled down quite well. I was able to keep his attention despite the distractions.  We worked  on sit, hand targeting, walking, coming and at the very end I was starting to work on ‘down’.

He learns fast and is eager to please.  Although he was excited by the other dogs I was able  to get his attention to come back to me without a lot of work.  Honestly I don’t know if Karma  would have done any better in that setting despite having more training.

Gail kept saying  “He’s a REALLY nice dog!”  He’s very affectionate, wants to shower you with kisses, loves to  be stroked and preferred my attention to being at the end of the leash trying to get to the  other dogs.

Gail’s staff told me that Marley did poop in his kennel this morning, but it was just as his  handler was on his way to take him out.  She thinks it was because it had been all night and  he really had to go and couldn’t quite make it.  He has not had any other accidents.  She said  she thinks he might be pretty much house trained and just needs a bit more time.  I thought  this was especially good news when we think of finding him a home.  Better find one soon….I’m falling in love….LOL!

>I can’t say enough about how great Mis Amigos has been.  They really did a lot for this boy.   Gail had staff working with him on not jumping up (a ways to go still as you can will see from  the photo of him meeting his new family) and on leash manners.  When he had to wear his Elizabethan collar, he got to stay  in the ‘deluxe suite’ so he had more room to move around,  he was given 6 cups of food (2  cups, 3 times a day) and on and on.  It’s been such a pleasure to see this boy start to come  into himself!

Eagerly waiting for his new family!Eagerly waiting for his new family!

Oh boy! here they are!!! I get to have a kid too?? Wow, I am so excited!!
Oh boy! here they are!!! I get to have a kid too?? Wow, I am so excited!!
Maybe he knows to give me a treat when I sit?
Maybe he knows to give me a treat when I sit?


Rowdy in Phoenix, AZ – Adopted


Rowdy (formerly Robby) (adopted January, 2016) joins Majerle (adopted April 2014)
Rowdy is doing really well and is very happy in his new forever Airehome. He and Majerle get along great. He still has an issue with stealing things and does not want to give them back but he’s getting better.

Click on the photos to enlarge.



1/25/2016 — The meet and greet went well!

1/22/2016 — Robby has a meet and greet scheduled with a potential family Monday.  If he and their female Airedale do well together, they will take him home.

Robby is a 3 year old, 55 lb., neutered, house trained, microchipped, vaccinated male Airedale. Both of his owners died and he now needs a new home. He is an energetic boy who needs an energetic family that can give him lots of exercise and training. He would love to have another large active dog to play with. He will want to share your bed and the couch and be close to you. He always has a toy in his mouth. What a sweetheart. NO CATS or other small animals. No children under the age of 8 years. If you live in the Phoenix area and might be interested in fostering or adopting, please contact us.

If you currently have a dog or have had a dog within the past five years, all of your dogs must be current on vaccinations, be spayed/neutered and have received regular veterinary care (not just “shots”). Please note: a vet reference check will be performed upon receiving your application.

You must have a fenced in yard even though we do not advocate leaving dogs outdoors unsupervised. This is the life most of them escaped from and we don’t want to see them go back to the lonely life of an outside dog. So for this reason, we only adopt to homes where the dog lives indoors with their new family.

Once we have preliminarily approved your application, an area coordinator will contact you to arrange a time for a home visit.

You will find a link to our application form at the top of this article.

If you have general questions about the adoption process or a particular dog, please email us at


When Sam arrived in rescue, he was in very, very sad shape .. skinny, hair like straw, covered with ticks … he had obviously been neglected for a long time. His foster family has done a fantastic job getting him healthy again and we are delighted to announce that he is now in his forever home with one of our pre-approved applicants!

So nice to have an indoor bed.

Relaxed and happy to be with a family that loves him.

1D2875E1-3845-4CC4-A16C-C5E4B7627366 Sam passed the grandkid test smile emoticon

Camille – ADOPTED

Spayed Female Airedale
Est DOB 03/2015
Size: Medium
Weight: 40 lbs (estimated adult weight approx 50 lbs)

Camie was left at the local shelter by her breeder, who also left her two sisters there when he couldn’t sell them. Her sisters have been adopted.

Camie is a shy dog and will need a bit of patience. She is friendly, walks on lead well and is good in the house, but does need supervision. She has some crate training. She is good with other dogs. She will be a lover when she learns to trust someone. She is a fun dog and steals toys from the other dogs. She has a very short tail but a wonderful butt wiggle.

Camie will take a special, patient, committed adopter who can help her gain confidence. Camie would benefit from another playful and confident dog in the home. Because of her sensitive and timid nature, we are recommending a home without young children and a home with a structured routine and someone home most of the time. This is a dog with a lot of potential who is sure to shine in a loving home.

Camie is being fostered in the Albuquerque, New Mexico area, and local applicants will be given preference if otherwise suitable.

Camie is up to date on all vaccinations, spayed and microchipped.  You can find our adoption questionnaire at
Camile from the SideCamille Lying Down


Two yr old medium size (60#) neutered male (turned 2 in July).  Duke is being fostered in the Albuquerque area.  Duke is a nice boy with lots of potential. He does fine with other dogs (being fostered with an 8 yr male Airedale and a senior mix) but NO CATS.  Being only 2yr he needs some formal training, but is a quick learner.   He would do well in an active family and with  another dog if the family is gone during the day. Duke was previously an outdoor dog, so still needs supervision until his housebreaking is reliable.  Duke is up to date on all vaccinations, neutered and microchipped.

We prefer placing our dogs in the SW region.  You can find our adoption questionnaire at

Duke of NM duke2 duke3



Orphan Andy
Orphan Andy

13 October 2015 Update.  We are delighted to report that Andy has a home!  Little Orphan Andy is an Orphan no more.  Not only is the home in Tucson, but they are members of the St. Mark’s congregation!  Apparently they found out about Andy through our website, which makes us very happy.



IMAG0810_1 IMAG0811_1 IMAG0812_BURSTSHOT002_1 IMAG0817_1

From the Animal Ministry Team of the St. Mark’s UMC in Tucson, Arizona —
At 85 lbs., Andy’s not actually little! But he was dearly loved by his senior citizen owner, even during the course of the gentleman’s Alzheimer’s disease. Now Andy’s owner has passed away, and for various reasons, family members are unable to provide Andy a home.

He’s a 7-year-old Airedale mix, who’s friendly with people of all ages. He’s been an only pet, so is unknown with other animals. Neutered and up-to-date on shots, Andy stays very close during storms. He should remain an indoor dog, though he loves to go for walks and does well on a leash.

If you can offer Andy a new forever home, please contact or 297-2062. If you can’t, please consider sharing this in the Tucson area. Many thanks!

[We aren’t so sure that Andy is a mix .. he looks like he may be a redline Airedale. In any case, he is a lot Airedale, in looks and personality.]

Ranger – Adopted!

Senior Airedale Ranger ended up at a shelter after his “Mom” passed away and his “Dad” could no longer take care of him.  The shelter notified one of our volunteers, we told one of our wonderful Airedale experienced applicants about him and asked if she was interested. She immediate responded .. of course!!  How do I get him?  Thank you to Julie and Buddy for welcoming Ranger into your home.

Ranger at the Shelter
Ranger at the Shelter
Ranger with Buddy and Julie
Ranger with Buddy and Julie


First Meal
First Meal
This is Home
This is Home


Nigel in NM – ADOPTED





Nigel is a delightful boy. He came to us after his owner died and is used to a lot of companionship. He gets along with other dogs and has very nice house manners. He needs a little leash work but is an eager learner. We prefer a home where he will get a lot of attention and companionship and he is used to being with at least one other dog. He is a large Airedale and is currently on a diet that will bring his weight down to 85+ lbs (currently at 100 lbs.)  DOB:  11/02/2009
We prefer placing our dogs in the SW region.  You can find our adoption questionnaire at

Nigel on the Couch
Nigel on the Couch
Handsome Nigel
Handsome Nigel


UPDATE! It took a while, but BB and her forever family finally found each other!!  Her new family shares these updates of Life with BB.

Day One:BB Relaxes
Morning hike with Liz
Afternoon hike with me
Out for a run with Mateja
Later tonight a walk with all three
We also took her to Petco and Home Depot today
She seems to be up to it all and I dare say even more!
She slept well last night.
Tomorrow more adventures . She is fitting in nicely and I think has more energy than all of us combined. But no problem we all enjoy it .
Started with a morning play ball then walk to a local park and played in dog park – hike back
She spent rest of the morning hanging with Liz while she cleaned and I had to go collect items for a peoples health clinic set by auction – we have a medical clinic that only served folks who cannot afford it.
I am home now and will take her for a short hike in about an hour so Liz can do outside chores .
She’s met most of the folks on our street.
BB in BedRight now I am on my bed resting a min and she’s at the foot of my bed.
She and the cat seem to be getting along though I have been closely supervising the interactions.
All is good as expected .

We will begin each day with a morning hike and end each day with an evening  walk .

And often lots of activity in between .
She does car trip errands really well. She’s fantastic at a restaurant with outdoor seating and is super great in the car.  She is so good in public and in the car we take her with us almost everywhere .
Today we went to the 600 acres side. She did great.BB Loves to Hike
The other day I didn’t want her on an air bed that the cat often sleeps on so I closed the door but for a crack I knew the cat could skip through and thought if BB went in I would see it open.  I looked everywhere and lo she went in and closed it from inside almost the same way I had it.
Ok now we know how smart she is for sure.
We love she barks when someone is at the door. The jumping is less but her zeal is still great.

What a perfect match with all of us – she has taken well to having basically three bosses .


BB at the Swimming Pond

We have been here over an hour of constant throw swim and catch . This after an hour hike this am!  BB will go to any length to retrieve a ball — she is a great swimmer!

Thank you Southwest Airedale Terrier Rescue for bringing us this treasure of a dog!



Original Listing:

BB (Black Beauty) is a gorgeous Airedale mix looking for an active home with the time and energy to give her the exercise she needs.  This is no couch potato dog .. she loves brisk walks and hikes (checking out every rodent hole along the way).  If you have a pool and a sSo Cutetrong arm, that is the perfect way to give her exercise.  She also loves the tennis ball flinger.  She is then happy to sleep the day away, although she is always ready for a game of catch or another walk, if you would like. She is affectionate and loves to give you kisses. The longer she knows you, the more affectionate she gets.  Anyone who will give her that trademarked Airedale Butt Scratch is welcome.

(You may need to refresh the page to see the video)

BB is more of a people-dog than a dog-dog, but she meets dogs on walks politely and at the dog park and will even engage in a little play time with friends from time to time (although she is always more interested in hunting for rodents or chasing lizards).

BB with Friends
Play Time

She needs to be the only dog in the home as she wants to be the one who receives all your attention.  She has lived with cats without any problem, so it is possible an independent dog-experienced cat could share her home.  She is too energetic for homes with pre-teen children, plus she will steal their toys!

BB is 7 years old and weighs 55 lbs.  She is house broken and has been an indoor dog all her life.  She has a big warning bark to let you know if someone is at the door. She is familiar with a dog door if you have one.  She wants to be where her people are, wherever they are.  She loves to have her person working in the yard so she can spend hours hunting for lizards and checking every hole for rodent activity.

She sheds minimally.  As long as you keep her clipped (4 times a year) and brushed, you won’t find little black Airebunnies around the house.  However, those black furnishings do pick up grass, weeds, etc.

She is up to date on her vaccinations, microchipped, spayed and recently had her teeth cleaned.

Oh boy, a Toy!

Tail Always Wagging