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MURPHY – UT – adopted

ADOPTED! We are so happy for sweet Murphy.

Murphy in his new home
Murphy in his new bed. He looks comfortable already.

Murphy is a 10 year neutered male who is looking for his forever retirement home.  He has the energy of an 8 year old and loves going for walks.   He really likes other dogs that aren’t dominant.  He would do best in a home where his people are home most of the time.  He enjoys going on car rides, comfy beds and cool fall sunsets.

Murphy is being fostered in Salt Lake City, Utah ADOPTED!

If you are interested in adopting, please click on the following link to read our policies and procedures and complete an application form.

SWAT Adoption Procedure

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Photo of Murphy


Ajax is a smaller Airedale, approximately 1 year old, neutered, and a happy, energetic boy puppy.   He loves going on walks and chasing any ball that is thrown or moving.  He is excited about everything all of the time and wants to be loved and petted.  We don’t know much about Ajax as he came to rescue as a stray.  Ajax would do best in a home without small children or small pets as he is very mouthy and loves to chase small things (cats and squirrels especially).  He would be great with an active family who enjoys keeping Ajax’s mind and body engaged in fun and rewarding activities.

Ajax is being fostered in Salt Lake City, UT.  ADOPTED

Photo of Ajax

If you are interested in adopting, please click on the following link to read our policies and procedures and complete an application form.

SWAT Adoption Procedure

If you have already completed an application, please use the form below to let us know you are interested.

Photo of Ajax

Brody in Utah – ADOPTED

Photo fo Brody's FaceUPDATE:  ADOPTED
Meet Brody!  He is a 3 year-old neutered male Airedale and is full of curiosity and energy.  He has a very sweet and affectionate temperament and is looking for someone who has a lot of love and patience to give him.  This young boy really likes to play and loves to run. Brody is definitely a women’s dog….he likes Foster Dad fine, but he really likes being with Foster Mom. He has a high prey drive and is anxious to use his skills and speed to catch any varmint who’s trying to get into his territory be it mouse, rat, cat, skunk, snake or spider.   Brody is timid when experiencing new things and will need someone who can introduce him to things slowly and with confidence.  He is afraid of loud noises, thunder, fireworks, gunshots, etc.  He loves to go on walks or hikes and being in the car.  He is crate and house-trained.  Brody has many typical Airedale traits of digging in everything, being mouthy, chewing on anything, and sticking his nose where ever he can and should not be off leash as he will chase wildlife, skateboards, cats, etc., and will not return.

Brody will need a home that does not have any small children, other dogs, cats, small animals, livestock, or fowl.Photo of Brody Full Body

If you are interested in adopting, please click on the following link to read our policies and procedures and complete an application form.

SWAT Adoption Procedure


Teddy in Utah – ADOPTED


Teddy is a four to five year old, neutered, male Airedale that has an awesome personality and great ears to go with it. He likes other dogs both big and small as long as they don’t try to be the boss of him. He’s been to cage-free doggie day care and did well with most of the dogs. Teddy loves being with his people and has been around children and adults of all ages. Teddy is well behaved, walks nicely on a leash, and loves to cuddle in bed and have belly rubs. He knows some basic commands and is pretty eager to please. He loves going for car rides and on walks. Once he gets to know you, the clown in Teddy comes out and he’s a joy to have around. He is a gentle and loving boy.

Teddy would do best in a home where someone is home all of the time or can take him with them. He does not do well left alone because he has pretty severe separation anxiety, and this cannot be solved by putting him in a crate or with medication. He will destroy the crate (wire or plastic) and will really hurt himself in the process. He also has some issues with men and will need time and patience for him to trust them. It’s for these reasons that Teddy is a special needs boy. Teddy is being fostered in Salt Lake City, UT.

If you are interested in adopting, please click on the following link to read our policies and procedures and complete an application form.

SWAT Adoption Procedure


Lizzie in Utah -ADOPTED



Lizzie is a three year old, 65 lb., spayed female who needs an Airedale experienced family that will continue her training. She is choosy about her dog companions and would do best with a non-reactive male dog her size. She did not do well on a cat test. She reacts towards small dogs and cats when out in the front yard, as well as skateboards, cars and trucks.

She’s done great in the house when we are home, she listens, settles well, eats next to our older Airedale, etc., all without a problem. Add the younger Airedale into that mix and she goes after him. She hates, hates, hates being crated and gets quite destructive to anything she can get to while in the crate (including the crate).

She is very smart and picks up on things very fast. She opens the door and lets herself out. She can open up gates, drawers, cabinets, etc. She sits, lays, walks on a leash now all very easily. She takes things nicely (treats). We are working on the jumping on people and now she jumps up kind of in front of you instead of putting her feet on you. She does bark more than most Airedales, but she’s been getting better in that area too. She really is a wonderful Airedale for the right person and she is really easy to take care of, IF you are firm in your expectations. She will run someone over who doesn’t keep their boundaries and isn’t consistent. She is the kind of girl that likes routine and is already doing what she needs to when you follow the routine.

If you are interested in adopting, please click on the following link to read our policies and procedures and complete an application form.

SWAT Adoption Procedure


Stache – Utah – ADOPTED

Say Hello to Stache­­­!  He’s a 14 month old, typical Airedale puppy.  He’s got a lot of energy and a super sweet personality.  Stache is a taller Airedale but fairly lean at 65 lbs.  His likes are playing and digging in the yard, being petted and loved (oh and did I mention being petted), long walks, playing with toys, and sniffing everything he comes into contact with – he knows great adventures are out there. His dislikes are tiled floors, vacuums, thunder, being alone, and sharing his food or toys.  He is dreaming of an outdoorsy and active family where he can be the only four-legged member.  He has a tendency to vocalize everything he needs and is incredibly smart.StacheFace

Stache would do best in a home without cats, small children or elderly.  He will need a home where his people are with him a lot and give him a job to do.  He needs a great deal of patience and socialization where he does not have to compete with other dogs.  He is just learning how to be in the house and in a crate, and is learning a bunch of new things (dishwashers are scary as are bathrooms – but he figured out the bed just fine 😉  ).  He will need to go to obedience training immediately following adoption and must be exercised multiple times a day.


Stache is adjusting well to city life and seems to enjoy being in the house.  He walks through the house like he owns the place 🙂  He is no longer afraid of the different textures of flooring, although he still hates the vacuum (but what Airedale doesn’t).  He loves to play ball and run around the yard watching everything that goes by and chases leaves in that sweet puppy way.  He has such exuberance for people and is still learning to not jump up on them.   He is really sweet and once he’s gotten a lot of attention, he settles down and is happy to follow you from room to room.  He definitely prefers to be with people and gets extremely excited with other animals.   He definitely cannot be with cats or small dogs, he loves chasing everything and I’m sure would think of cats or small dogs as a great new toy.


Chester – Utah – Adopted



Handsome Chester in Utah is looking for a special home.  Chester is a sweet gentleman — well as gentlemanly as any Airedale can be, because he still wipes his wet beard on any leg he can find 🙂  He has a very gentle temperament, unless you are a cat (who are his nemesis I think), and loves to be with his people. He is a bit of a couch hog and would prefer to be with a family that is home more than they are gone. He enjoys traveling in the car, slow meandering walks, lots of hugs and loves, and long drinks of cool water. Chester is looking for a family that will support him through his challenges and that has a more relaxed atmosphere/schedule.

Chester is a special needs boy. He has one leg that is slightly shorter than the other and is missing a toe or two on that same foot. As a result he will be on a low/medium dose of medication for life to help manage the pain and arthritis that is a result of the strain put on his joints. He also cannot walk long distances and may need a ramp to be able to get into vehicles.

Chester is 6 years old, approximately 70 lbs., neutered, and up to date on shots.

If you live in Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico or Utah and are interested in adopting Chester, please contact us.  Adoption will require an application form, references and a home visit. More information at www.swairedalerescue.org

ChesterFace2 ChesterStand ChesterStanding

Hank & Cooper – UT – Adopted


Hank and Cooper
Hank and Cooper

Hank (8yrs) and Cooper (4 yrs) are neutered males that need to be placed in a home together.  They are both great in the house, ride really well in the car, play well with others and  love people.

Hank has been in several homes already due to his anxiety and has come to rely on Cooper for comfort during storms, fireworks, and loud noises.  He has only been with Cooper a little more than a year but they are quite the connected pair.  Both have an exceptionally sweet and loving nature, and are willing to please.  They would do best in a home where someone was home a lot with them.
CooperCooper is full of energy, loves to be active and play – he is always the clown and needs a lot of attention.  He has different grooming requirements because his coat is very dense and sheep like, so he would probably need to be groomed every 6 weeks or so.  His nails also grow faster than most.  He has a low grade case of IBS that is managed with diet.  He also seems to have reoccurring ear infections but that may be due to previous inconsistent grooming.Cooper 
Hank-Face HankHank is super sweet, a little less energy filled, but LOVES his ball.  He will do anything to get his ball and NEVER forgets where it is.  He has HIGH anxiety when there is rain, thunder, lightening, fireworks, or super loud noises.  We manage it with a sedative (on really bad days) or benadryl on light days.  He often needs Cooper and his human to go out with him when its raining, because rain is super scary for him.  He can also jump 6 ft. fences very easily if scared.
They are both crate trained and have obedience training.  They need additional leash training (not sure what Airedale doesn’t :-)) but are quick to respond to corrections.  They are respectful of baby gates and areas that are blocked.  They LOVE going for car rides and are very well behaved in the car.
They are cat experienced, provided that the cat doesn’t run.  If it does, then they are in full chase.  They get along well with other dogs both big and small.
They have lived with seniors and small children, however they often knock over and step on the small children. 

If you are interested in adopting Hank and Cooper, please complete the Southwest Airedale Terrier Rescue online application form. If you have already submitted an application, contact us to let us know you are interested in Hank and Cooper of Utah.  Hank and Cooper are being fostered near Salt Lake City, Utah. We do not ship our dogs.


Belle – Utah – Adopted

Belle in Utah
Belle in Utah

ADOPTED!  Belle is a spunky 4 year old. She is petite at 35 pounds but she more than makes up for it in attitude. She loves chasing things and has a strong prey drive. When she’s at home, she is a lover with a very sweet disposition. She has some amazing training and is incredible with ‘sit-stays’ and is eager to learn new things. She needs to be in a home where she is the only dog as she doesn’t like to share her humans or her toys. She does well with humans of most sizes but would do best in a family that has older children. She cannot be with cats, small dogs or other small animals.

Please complete the Southwest Airedale Terrier Rescue online application form if you are interested in adopting Belle. If you have already filed an application, contact us to let us know you are interested in Belle of Utah.  Note that priority will be given to applicants located in Utah.