Brody in Utah – ADOPTED

Photo fo Brody's FaceUPDATE:  ADOPTED
Meet Brody!  He is a 3 year-old neutered male Airedale and is full of curiosity and energy.  He has a very sweet and affectionate temperament and is looking for someone who has a lot of love and patience to give him.  This young boy really likes to play and loves to run. Brody is definitely a women’s dog….he likes Foster Dad fine, but he really likes being with Foster Mom. He has a high prey drive and is anxious to use his skills and speed to catch any varmint who’s trying to get into his territory be it mouse, rat, cat, skunk, snake or spider.   Brody is timid when experiencing new things and will need someone who can introduce him to things slowly and with confidence.  He is afraid of loud noises, thunder, fireworks, gunshots, etc.  He loves to go on walks or hikes and being in the car.  He is crate and house-trained.  Brody has many typical Airedale traits of digging in everything, being mouthy, chewing on anything, and sticking his nose where ever he can and should not be off leash as he will chase wildlife, skateboards, cats, etc., and will not return.

Brody will need a home that does not have any small children, other dogs, cats, small animals, livestock, or fowl.Photo of Brody Full Body

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