Chester – Utah – Adopted



Handsome Chester in Utah is looking for a special home.  Chester is a sweet gentleman — well as gentlemanly as any Airedale can be, because he still wipes his wet beard on any leg he can find 🙂  He has a very gentle temperament, unless you are a cat (who are his nemesis I think), and loves to be with his people. He is a bit of a couch hog and would prefer to be with a family that is home more than they are gone. He enjoys traveling in the car, slow meandering walks, lots of hugs and loves, and long drinks of cool water. Chester is looking for a family that will support him through his challenges and that has a more relaxed atmosphere/schedule.

Chester is a special needs boy. He has one leg that is slightly shorter than the other and is missing a toe or two on that same foot. As a result he will be on a low/medium dose of medication for life to help manage the pain and arthritis that is a result of the strain put on his joints. He also cannot walk long distances and may need a ramp to be able to get into vehicles.

Chester is 6 years old, approximately 70 lbs., neutered, and up to date on shots.

If you live in Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico or Utah and are interested in adopting Chester, please contact us.  Adoption will require an application form, references and a home visit. More information at

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