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Photo of Moose

ADOPTED! Moose is an energetic, 1-2 year old Airedale mix that weighs about 59 lbs. He loves going for rides in the car and for walks. He is super sweet and loves to cuddle. He is crate trained and house trained. He enjoys being wherever his people are and loves chasing and playing with toys, leaves, sticks, and more.

He would do best in an active home without small children. He cannot be in a home with cats, small dogs or other small animals. He is still learning how to walk nicely on a leash and gets very excited to see other dogs. He does have some food guarding and toy sharing struggles.

Moose came into rescue because his first family abandoned him, and the family that found him at a warehouse couldn’t handle his energy and didn’t have time to train him.

Moose is neutered, up to date on vaccinations and microchipped.


Moose is being fostered in Salt Lake City, UT.

If you are interested in adopting, please click on the following link to complete an application form.

SWAT Adoption Procedure

If you have already completed an application, please use the form below to contact Nicole.

MURPHY – UT – adopted

ADOPTED! We are so happy for sweet Murphy.

Murphy in his new home
Murphy in his new bed. He looks comfortable already.

Murphy is a 10 year neutered male who is looking for his forever retirement home.  He has the energy of an 8 year old and loves going for walks.   He really likes other dogs that aren’t dominant.  He would do best in a home where his people are home most of the time.  He enjoys going on car rides, comfy beds and cool fall sunsets.

Murphy is being fostered in Salt Lake City, Utah ADOPTED!

If you are interested in adopting, please click on the following link to read our policies and procedures and complete an application form.

SWAT Adoption Procedure

If you have already completed an application, please use the form below to let us know you are interested.

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Photo of Murphy


Ajax is a smaller Airedale, approximately 1 year old, neutered, and a happy, energetic boy puppy.   He loves going on walks and chasing any ball that is thrown or moving.  He is excited about everything all of the time and wants to be loved and petted.  We don’t know much about Ajax as he came to rescue as a stray.  Ajax would do best in a home without small children or small pets as he is very mouthy and loves to chase small things (cats and squirrels especially).  He would be great with an active family who enjoys keeping Ajax’s mind and body engaged in fun and rewarding activities.

Ajax is being fostered in Salt Lake City, UT.  ADOPTED

Photo of Ajax

If you are interested in adopting, please click on the following link to read our policies and procedures and complete an application form.

SWAT Adoption Procedure

If you have already completed an application, please use the form below to let us know you are interested.

Photo of Ajax


We are currently discussing Darby with one of our approved applicants to see if they might be the perfect home for Darby. If you might be interested, please let us know. If you don’t have an application on file, that is the first step in the adoption process. Darby is currently in the Phoenix area and we prefer to place in the Phoenix or Tucson areas, if possible.

Darby is 4 years old, is 67 lbs. (should be closer to 60 lbs). She has been well taken care of all her life. Her mom had to have serious surgery and made the sad decision that Darby needed a new family.

Darby is sweet with people .. a typical energetic rambunctious youngster. She appears to be non-reactive to other dogs, so hopefully not too hard to walk. She was an only dog, but frequently visited a family member with a male dog her size and was fine with him. She showed a little too much unhealthy interest in the kitty at the vet and has not lived with cats.

Darby has not lived with children, but is reported to be fine with the visiting grandchildren.

Darby is spayed and microchipped, does not have heartworm, tick fever or Valley Fever and is up to date on all her vaccinations.



Name:  Murphy

Murphy 1 year old
Murphy in Arizona

Age: 1 year

Weight: 66 pounds

Location:  Phoenix, Arizona

Contact: Rose McAuliffe  623-362-1141
Please leave a message.  Rose returns calls in the evenings or on the weekends.  If you have not yet filled out an application, please click on the following link to read our policies and procedures and complete an application form:  Southwest Airedale Terrier Rescue Adoption Procedure

Murphy has a very high energy level, as all 1 year old Airedales do. He needs a lot of exercise,  at least 1 to 2 hours a day.

Murphy is very sweet, and has had some obedience training,  which , for the most part he considers an academic subject rather than a skill for practical application .

Murphy likes to play rough with other dogs and would not be a suitable companion for small or old dogs or other small animals. Murphy has not lived with children.  He would probably be fine with older well trained children, but would not be suitable for a family with young children living in the home.

Murphy belonged to an Airedale-experienced man who thought that he had the time for a young Airedale.  Unfortunately, due to his job and travel, he had to leave Murphy far too often and realized that it was not fair to Murphy.

Murphy is a great young Airedale who will need a fenced yard to run in, people who are home most of the time,  have Airedale experience, will be firm and consistent and have the time to continue his training.

If you have already completed an application and are interested in learning more about Murphy, contact Rose and let her know that you have submitted an application. 623-362-1141
Please leave a message.  Rose returns calls in the evenings or on the weekends.

If you have not yet filled out an application, please click on the following link to read our policies and procedures and complete an application form:  Southwest Airedale Terrier Rescue Adoption Procedure

Murphy from the side
Murphy side view

Azzie – New Mexico – ADOPTED!

Sitting Pretty
Azzie Loves to Learn

UPDATE:  We are very pleased to announce that Azzie has been ADOPTED!  Thank you to everyone who has expressed an interest in this handsome young diamond in the rough.

—He is about two years old, healthy, has been heart worm tested, neutered and up to date on all his shots.
—He loves people, is affectionate and eager to please which makes him easy to train.
—He weighs about 55 pounds, but is underweight and will probably end up weighing 65 + pounds when fully mature.
—He had no training when he came into rescue, but is a fast learner and has already learned a lot.
—He can be reactive when first meeting other dogs.
—He is a high energy dog and would love an active home.
—He seems to be house trained (very few mistakes in his kennel)
—He will need an owner who will commit to furthering his training and who has experience with young, active Airedales.

If you are interested in adopting but haven’t submitted an application form, please click on the following link to read our policies and procedures and complete an application form.

Azzie with Ball

Azzie with Blue Ball on Table
Azzie has two balls that we play with: a tennis ball and a blue rubber ball. The blue rubber ball bounces out of control when he tries to drop it. He figured out that if he places it gently on top of the table it stays put so that I can get it and toss it again. Smart Cookie!! So that is what he is doing in the above picture. I can guarantee he will be very good at counter surfing when he has a chance!

I know “down”

I know “Place”

Missy – Arizona – ADOPTED

Photo of AiredaleADOPTED!

Missy is a BIG beautiful Airedale girl (75#).  Sadly, at the age of 7 years, she lost the only home she had known because one of her owners died and the other had to move into a home where Missy was not welcome.  She is very affectionate and loves meeting new people. She is easy to walk and doesn’t react to other dogs. She loves to play with other dogs and is a noisy player.

She loves playing with toys. She would like you to throw them for her and play tug. Typical of most Airedales, she does not fetch! She loves to have you spray her with water. She wants to grab the hose, so you need to toss a toy to keep her from doing that. She may like swimming (we don’t have a pool to test that).

She is playful, but calm. She is fostered with other Airedales and someone who is home most of the time, but we believe she would probably be fine on her own during the day if you work as long as you have the time before and after work to give her lots of attention. She would probably be fine with older children who know how to treat an older gal gently.

Missy is sensitive about having her feet and hind end touched by strangers. Now that she has gotten to know her foster mom, she LOVES being massaged, but you need to let vets and groomers know they should be cautious.

Missy is currently located in Tucson, Arizona. She is spayed, housebroken, microchipped and up to date on vaccinations.  She requires medication for spay incontinence.

Photo of AiredalePhoto of Airedal

Duke – New Mexico – ADOPTED

Photo of AiredaleADOPTED!

Duke is a neutered male Airedale between the age of 1-2 yr. He came through the shelter system and was reportedly too energetic for small children. He has been fostered with 3 Airedales, 2 females and 1 male, and despite their fussing at him he has offered no response other than to turn away. It appears that he had spent little, if any, time in the house, so early on he was confined in a doggy play pen when we could not watch him. After 2+ weeks he had more access in the house but with supervision. Now when we are home he has free access (dog door) but is confined when we are gone for a time. He has picked up the TV remote…and thought it was a toy so some supervision is still needed…but most other household items he has left alone.  He likes watching TV (perhaps he just wanted to change the channel). He likes dog toys and will get them out of the toy basket.

We have about 1 ac. fenced off the back of the house and he can use the dog door to go out when he likes. He does like to spend more time out in the morning but also likes to be with people and most of the time will be with one of us. Initially it was obvious he had had no training and did not know what to do with his adolescent energy. His two forms of play were with our 7 yr old female Airedale, who engaged
him in chase. Then he learned to chase the ball that is retrieved by our 7 r old male Airedale. That has become very competitive and despite our male fussing at Duke….there have been no altercations. Duke is very fast and quick and being able to run “all out” seems to be something he really enjoys. After a play period he is glad to come in the house and crash.

Duke had never been groomed before so we are taking that slowly. He can be a little fearful, esp. of the clippers, but is also curious so will overcome a fear quickly. He has the densest coat of any dog I have seen. The groomer needs to go slow and be patient. We have worked on basic house manners. He is not allowed on the couch and he has done well with house training to the point that we do not watch him all the time. He will put his paws up on things but because there has been no food on the counter he has…as yet…not
learned to counter surf. He is still in training 101. He needs leash work …working on sit etc. He is fed in the play pen and goes in there automatically at meal times.

He is more excitable (and a bit mouthy) when he has been confined for a period but exercise helps him settle down. He also likes being with people so being left in a backyard would most likely lead to his being bored and getting into trouble. In a new home he will need a consistent routine and if an only dog will need some play time with other dogs to maintain good socialization.

He LOVES to eat and inhales his food.

Izzy – New Mexico – ADOPTED


Izzy, is a 4 year old spayed female Airedale Terrier. She is a big girl.  She was 87# when she came in to rescue. She is now down to 79# and probably should weigh about 70-75#. She was owned by an elderly couple. After the husband went into the hospital, the wife couldn’t handle her. She is sweet, but a typical young Airedale and large.

Despite her laid back nature she can move fast when she wants to and is not at all safe around cats, chickens, etc. She is a master counter-surfer. Nothing is safe on the counters!

Izzy between her foster brother, an Australian Terrier, and sister, a standard Airedale

She loves affection and loves to play with other dogs. She can be a rough player, so a small dog would not be a suitable companion. She is house trained. She has graduated to sleeping in her foster family’s bedroom on her bed and sleeps quietly through the night.

It would be great if she had a family with another dog or teenagers to keep her active, or a very active person, as she may be prone to gaining weight. She rides in the car like a dream—and doesn’t even bark when she sees other dogs. In fact, she doesn’t bark a lot period, reserving her energy for those times when it is really important (like the middle of the night when the coyotes howl.)

Izzy is being fostered in the Silver City, New Mexico area.

Izzy loves to watch TV with her foster dad

Edison of Arizona – ADOPTED

Edison of Arizona

Meet Edison

Airedale Edison's Sweet Face

October 1, 2017:  When 11 month old puppy Airedale Edison came in to rescue, he was limping and it was obvious that there was something very wrong with his left rear leg. Instead of being straight, it bent outwards at the ankle. An x-ray revealed that he had sustained an injury to the fibula at the “ankle” end which stopped the growth plate. The tibia (inner leg bone) kept growing, resulting in the lower part of his leg twisting to the outside.  

X-Ray of Airedale Edison's rear legs










The leg could be repaired by what is known as a corrective osteotomy where a wedge of bone is removed, the bone is straightened and the leg is pinned in the correct position.  Once the bone heals, the dog should be able to do anything any other dog can do, without limitations.  It is a tricky surgery because there is not much room for the pins at the ankle joint.  It is also of utmost importance to keep the dog from doing too much before the bone has healed.  Because of his very young age, we decided to go forward with the surgery.

Edison is Adopted

March 19, 2018 The surgery was a great success!  We wish Edison and his new family a long and happy life!!

Airedale Edison in his new home