We are currently discussing Darby with one of our approved applicants to see if they might be the perfect home for Darby. If you might be interested, please let us know. If you don’t have an application on file, that is the first step in the adoption process. Darby is currently in the Phoenix area and we prefer to place in the Phoenix or Tucson areas, if possible.

Darby is 4 years old, is 67 lbs. (should be closer to 60 lbs). She has been well taken care of all her life. Her mom had to have serious surgery and made the sad decision that Darby needed a new family.

Darby is sweet with people .. a typical energetic rambunctious youngster. She appears to be non-reactive to other dogs, so hopefully not too hard to walk. She was an only dog, but frequently visited a family member with a male dog her size and was fine with him. She showed a little too much unhealthy interest in the kitty at the vet and has not lived with cats.

Darby has not lived with children, but is reported to be fine with the visiting grandchildren.

Darby is spayed and microchipped, does not have heartworm, tick fever or Valley Fever and is up to date on all her vaccinations.