Marla – Arizona – Adopted

Photo of Marla with her family
Marla with her new family

Marla and her new family hit it off immediately. Marla and Nash were chasing each other around the yard and Nash showed off for the new girl by jumping into the pool when we were investigating that part of the yard, which he apparently never does. He has been missing his big sister who died a while ago and is delighted to have a new girl to boss him around.  They are a really nice family and I felt very comfortable about Marla joining them even though we are going to miss her a lot!

They are changing her name slightly .. to Marly, only spelled Majerle;) Her family explains: we started the sports theme with jordan because she was the aire jordan then with nash so we couldn’t help going with thunder dan majerle.

Thank you to everyone who made this possible.

Photo of Marla on Couch
Marla looking right at home