Trigger – Arizona – ADOPTED

Trigger Is a 3 year old neutered male.  He was a “Covid baby” very much loved and spoiled by his working-at-home parents, but not trained at all.

When the human baby arrived, the parents no longer had the time to pay attention to Trigger.  When the baby started toddling around, Trigger growled at it.  He was very thin when he arrived in rescue, which might have had something to do with his behavior, besides the lack of training.  He is very food motivated and needs to learn to take treats gently.

Trigger lived with another dog and a cat, with no apparent problems.

Here is our trainer’s evaluation of Trigger:

Energy level:  Hyper, no self-control:

Meeting new people: Trigger’s initial approach was happy excited, vocal and at the end of leash only on back two feet. Would’ve jumped on me if I let him. Vocalization stopped once he reached me. It only took him a couple minutes to lose interest in me and start pulling to check out his next adventure.

His approach to the two children (5 and 7 yrs old) was allowed after spending 5 minutes with me. He saw them the entire time and wanted to approach them. I allowed him to approach the boys and he was happy, didn’t jump. Didn’t show any issues while they were petting him, the boys ran past him, his body language stayed happy Airedale during this session.

Handling:  Allows full body contact, mostly affectionate: I pulled on his tail with no reaction. Gently touched his ears, tech mentioned he may have ear infection, he gave me eye contact and moved away.

While rubbing him down he got wiggly and excited.

Treats and Food: Needs work on taking treats. Seems to be very food motivate. Should be fed with a slow feeder. Did not test any items of high value.

Obedience: Basic obedience would be recommended. He seems to know Sit/Stay and shake. He has no focus and didn’t respond to his name. Typical Airedale without training.

Trigger needs a family with a fenced yard and a family committed to teaching him to be the great Airedale he should be.   No small children.

If you are interested in adopting, please read through the Adoption Procedure and complete an Adoption Application.