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Camille – ADOPTED

Spayed Female Airedale
Est DOB 03/2015
Size: Medium
Weight: 40 lbs (estimated adult weight approx 50 lbs)

Camie was left at the local shelter by her breeder, who also left her two sisters there when he couldn’t sell them. Her sisters have been adopted.

Camie is a shy dog and will need a bit of patience. She is friendly, walks on lead well and is good in the house, but does need supervision. She has some crate training. She is good with other dogs. She will be a lover when she learns to trust someone. She is a fun dog and steals toys from the other dogs. She has a very short tail but a wonderful butt wiggle.

Camie will take a special, patient, committed adopter who can help her gain confidence. Camie would benefit from another playful and confident dog in the home. Because of her sensitive and timid nature, we are recommending a home without young children and a home with a structured routine and someone home most of the time. This is a dog with a lot of potential who is sure to shine in a loving home.

Camie is being fostered in the Albuquerque, New Mexico area, and local applicants will be given preference if otherwise suitable.

Camie is up to date on all vaccinations, spayed and microchipped.  You can find our adoption questionnaire at swairedalerescue.org
Camile from the SideCamille Lying Down


Two yr old medium size (60#) neutered male (turned 2 in July).  Duke is being fostered in the Albuquerque area.  Duke is a nice boy with lots of potential. He does fine with other dogs (being fostered with an 8 yr male Airedale and a senior mix) but NO CATS.  Being only 2yr he needs some formal training, but is a quick learner.   He would do well in an active family and with  another dog if the family is gone during the day. Duke was previously an outdoor dog, so still needs supervision until his housebreaking is reliable.  Duke is up to date on all vaccinations, neutered and microchipped.

We prefer placing our dogs in the SW region.  You can find our adoption questionnaire at swairedalerescue.org

Duke of NM duke2 duke3


Nigel in NM – ADOPTED





Nigel is a delightful boy. He came to us after his owner died and is used to a lot of companionship. He gets along with other dogs and has very nice house manners. He needs a little leash work but is an eager learner. We prefer a home where he will get a lot of attention and companionship and he is used to being with at least one other dog. He is a large Airedale and is currently on a diet that will bring his weight down to 85+ lbs (currently at 100 lbs.)  DOB:  11/02/2009
We prefer placing our dogs in the SW region.  You can find our adoption questionnaire at swairedalerescue.org

Nigel on the Couch
Nigel on the Couch
Handsome Nigel
Handsome Nigel

Dixie – New Mexico – Adopted

Photo of Dixie in Lap
Dixie Likes Laps

Dixie Sitting Dixie Standing*ADOPTED*

Dixie is just over 1 yr old and was an owner surrender.

She is friendly and affectionate

She is medium size and has good house manners especially for her age. She has a lovely natural tail. She is being fostered with 2 male dogs, horses, an inside cat and a barn cat.

Dixie can be bossy with female dogs so will do best in a home with just male dogs. She likes to play but is not overly excitable or hyper. She does need some supervision appropriate to her young age. Dixie has never had formal training but is currently getting some training in her foster home. They are working on leash walking in the presence of other barking dogs and she responds well to consistent direction. We would like to keep Dixie in the Albuquerque area to be sure gets more training. She would benefit from being in a class and learning to socialize with dogs of different sizes

If you are interested in adopting Dixie, please complete the Southwest Airedale Terrier Rescue online application form.

UPDATE:  Dixie has been ADOPTED


Kylie with Frisbee
Kylie with the Frisbee
Kylie Cuddles
Kylie Cuddles
Kylie Chasing her Foster Brother
Kylie’s Hot on the Trail



Age:  19 months (July 2012)
Weight:  47 lbs.
Personality:   Kylie loves to play with the other Airedales in her foster home, and loves to steal her foster Airedale brother’s frisbee.  She is very playful and happy and sweet and affectionate. She loves to cuddle in her foster mom’s lap when they watch TV in the evening.  Although she is house trained, she sometimes forgets to pee outside because she is busy playing and has had a couple of accidents. This is getting better as she settles in and learns the routine.
Kylie does tend to jump on people and that needs work. She is exuberant and very much a puppy still.  She walks on a leash fine and is crate trained.  She is in an xpen when the family is not home.  She will chew on furniture and chew up paper if not watched.  She is, after all, a puppy.  She is a counter surfer (will steal a banana in a heartbeat. .  eats them whole too!).
Dogs, Cats and Kids: Kylie has always lived with another dog and will be happiest living with another playful dog about her same size.  It is unknown how Kylie would react to a cat.  She has been around children and loves to wash faces  .. she is a kissing fool.  She is very exuberant and jumps and would do best in a family with older children.
Medical:  Kylie is spayed, microchipped, up to date on vaccinations and tested negative for heartworm.
History:  Kylie was released to rescue because her very busy family did not realize how much training, exercise and attention an Airedale puppy requires.

If you are interested in adopting Kylie, complete the Southwest Airedale Terrier Rescue online application form. If you have already submitted an application, contact us to let us know you are interested in Kylie of New Mexico.  Kylie is being fostered near Albuquerque, New Mexico. We do not ship our dogs.