Why You (and Your Dog) Would Love a Dog Door

Such a great movie, or book! Maybe you are hard at work on a project that you just can’t step away from, or don’t want to. Then you realize, the dog needs to go out. Such a good dog! How can you ask them to wait knowing how uncomfortable it is to have that need, much less be dependent on someone else to let you address it.

Okay, it’s great that you have the yard fenced. The dog is safe out there. Still, now you’ll wait a few minutes while they go because when they are ready to come in they’ll just scratch the door if you don’t. Of course, all the while, you are missing the movie, or the ballgame.

Shoot. Now the baby is crying! You leave the dog in the backyard, safe and sound, while you check on the baby. Everything is ok but before you can get back to the door you hear that characteristic scratching. Now you let the dog in, knowing that you’ve got a scratched door and that you’ve trained him to scratch more since it succeeded in getting him back into the house.

Great, now you can sit back down to your book, wait, you lost your page, or now you have to rewind your movie cause you missed too much. Forget it if you were watching a ballgame, without modern technology you won’t be rewinding that. Or maybe it interrupted a project, where were you on that? Have to go through your notes again? Or maybe clean a paintbrush that got dry while you were away? The circumstances are as specific as every household. Still, there is no question that lives today are so busy that any scenario above is likely to be played out in almost every town every day.

Yes, the best advantage of a dog door is convenience and comfort. Convenience for you and comfort for your housetrained pet that wants to stay clean but can find that difficult if dependent on a family member to recognize his need. As illustrated by our very busy article, it can also be helpful when you are in the middle of other things or have other commitments demanding your attention. Obviously, the dog door doesn’t take the place of regular interaction with your pet but there are times, most every day in every household, where a dog door would improve the quality of life for every family member.

SWAT Adopters receive a 10% discount off the purchase price of a Hale Pet Door product. Hale will also send a check for that same amount to SWAT as a gift to them. It is their way of saying “thank you for opting to adopt and thereby save a life.”

Hale Pet Doors can go through walls, doors, screens, French doors, windows units and sliding glass doors.

Visit halepetdoor.com or call 888-293-6411. When you order, mention that you adopted from Southwest Airedale Terrier Rescue and the date of adoption.

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