Before You Get a Dog Door

Perhaps the most obvious consideration is just what do you expect of the dog door? While they may be unparalleled for convenience for you and comfort for your dog, a dog door won’t fix all problems and does require some awareness for best results.

First off, do you have a secure area for your dog on both sides of that door? A dog door that leads into a yard that is not securely fenced would only introduce new issues. If your neighborhood has unsavory elements like children that might tease the dog when you aren’t home and they’ve come into the backyard, might make the addition of a dog door less than ideal. Is your dog one that might bark and/or menace people walking by on the sidewalk? If so, this additional freedom could actually make that issue worse by giving them more opportunity to behave badly.

Do you expect the dog door to address boredom issues? If your dog is destructive when you are gone, the odds are it initially started out of boredom and/or some anxiety. While a dog door can certainly increase the variety of your dog’s environment while you are out, it is very likely that he is craving more attention rather than more stimulus. Consider taking your dog for more regular walks, the exercise will do you both good! Find a neighbor or local dog sitter that could come by and help break up the monotony of long, lonely days. In this event, a dog door can be a helpful addition in conjunction with other solutions.

Don’t expect the dog door to take the place of a dog sitter. If you will be out for more than twelve hours, consider having someone stop by to check on your dog and break up the boredom and loneliness. Many illnesses can come on suddenly and trusting the dog and the dog door and a bowl of food and water to address all their needs is a recipe for disaster.

Finally, be willing to use the block of your dog door. If you don’t trust the neighborhood children when you aren’t home or if your dog tends to bark at people walking by, put the blocking panel in place when you aren’t home. There are plenty of other reasons to make use of this option so keeping it in mind as an option can prevent a number of sleepless nights.

SWAT Adopters receive a 10% discount off the purchase price of a Hale Pet Door product. Hale will also send a check for that same amount to SWAT as a gift to them. It is their way of saying “thank you for opting to adopt and thereby save a life.”

Hale Pet Doors can go through walls, doors, screens, French doors, windows units and sliding glass doors.

Visit or call 888-293-6411. When you order, mention that you adopted from Southwest Airedale Terrier Rescue and the date of adoption.

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