Hugo (Metro Phoenix, Arizona) FOSTERED

UPDATE: Hugo is in the perfect foster home.

Hugo needs a single female foster/adoptive home in the metropolitan Phoenix area with a securely fenced yard. You must be willing to continue Hugo’s current training. Hugo currently lives with a non-reactive small older dog, so he MIGHT be able to live with another non-reactive dog, but introductions with the trainer would be necessary.

Hugo is approximately 5 years old, 65#, neutered, housebroken, microchipped and up to date on all vaccinations. Hugo is calm in the house, although he gets excited at mealtime and would jump up and down if his owner didn’t insist that he sit quietly to wait.

Hugo has to be reminded not to rush through doorways. He is improving, but this is another area that needs to be consistently enforced.

In November 2021, we were contacted by a woman in Tucson who worked with a rescue in Mexico.  They had a 5 year old Airedale that was turned in because the owner could not afford to care for him. Hugo was emaciated and ill. SWAT agreed to take Hugo in to our rescue, but he was too ill to travel. The Mexico rescue treated him until he was healthy enough in January to make the trip, although he was still emaciated and had sarcoptic mange, parasites, etc. Once he came to SWAT he stayed with our vet for about a month. After good nutrition and medical care, he gained weight, grew some of his hair back and looked better. 

We placed him in a foster to adopt home, but he was/is dog reactive when being walked, and the folks who took him on really did not have the ability to deal with training him or taking on a project dog, although they were very enthusiastic about doing the work needed on this special needs boy.

Hugo then spent a month with trainer Toni Drugmand to work on his dog aggression. While in training, he met with a couple who fell for him and adopted him. 

The couple have continued Hugo’s training and love him very much. Sadly, for some unknown reason, Hugo is terrified of the husband.  There is no logical reason that this man would cause fear as he has a very calm, relaxed personality. 

Hugo was fine with the man in the first home and has been fine with other men he has met.

The adopters have worked with trainers, their veterinarian, and a behaviorist, to no avail. Hugo is currently on anti anxiety medication to cope with the fear, but that is not working either. Hugo’s current family feel it is unfair to Hugo to keep him given the constant anxiety he is experiencing.  They say that he likes children and  likes other men, but cowers and becomes overly submissive with this man in particular.  The behaviorist suggested that he fears the “alpha male” of the house or this specific man possibly because the man reminds him of some past trauma.  

The family says Hugo is otherwise a very well trained good boy,  He will walk by other dogs now without reacting, as long as the other dog is not reactive. If the other dog does react, Hugo is instantly ready to take him on.

We are thinking that a female home is what will work for him, and are seeking a willing foster home. He currently lives with a smaller non reactive older female Tibetan spaniel.  He spent a few days in training sessions with his current companion.    We would pay for lessons with Toni Drugmond to make sure introductions go well.

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