Due to the Covid Crisis, we chose to gather virtually. Sharing our walking adventures with our 4 legged family members via pictures from all over the world!

From New York to New Mexico, Australia to Arizona, Texas, California, and even from bed! We hope you enjoy and join us again in 2021!

We wish to Thank all of you who joined us in the 17th Annual Christmas Airedale Walk.

Thank You!

  1. Maddie
  2. Sam
  3. Archie from Flagstaff, AZ going for a walk with his friends
  4. Katy, a rescued ADT/ST Poodle mix from TX
  5. Katy 14 years old rescue Labadie, MO
  6. Jill “JillyBean” Melia
  7. Jackson in Connecticut joining the virtual 17th Annual Airedale Stroll
  8. Hunter’s walk A blow up Santa caught his eye.
  9. Baxter and Loki, Abiquiú NM
  10. Buster
  11. Chase Duck in Paso Robles California
  12. Gen.Grant & Mason
  13. Haleigh & Tiberius Kmech from Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  14. Here’s Annie!
  15. Snoop DaWg & Reba McIntire
  16. a more suitable photo of Jynx!!
  17. Spaghetti & Meatball Marino out for a walk on a brisk afternoon. Buffalo, NY
  18. Barney from Australia
  19. Socks in Williams Az
  20. Shempie Doing his thing
  21. Ralph Virginia, USA
  22. Pippa walks Ranchos de Albuquerque on XMas eve 2020
  23. Kya one year old and lives in California.
  24. Lilly
  25. Lynn and Claradale
  26. Louise the Airedale walking with her little cat brother Barry in Northern NY
  27. MaeZ next to her doppelgänger, the bike chain sculpture
  28. Rowdy and Buddy at the end of a typical walk
  29. Maple & Trek
  30. Zoey on a walk at 630am (NOT !!!)
  31. Clemmie (a SWAT rescue), Jiggs & Monty— Clemmie in red jacket
  32. Molly and Shamus