Pancho in Arizona – ADOPTED


Pancho 09-07-20169-7-2016 Pancho met with his wonderful new family .   It was a mutual love affair.

8/23/16 update:  Pancho just had his first day at pack socialization.  The trainer loves him.  She says that although it is obvious he has practiced fence fighting all his life and he is very vocal about it, once he’s loose with the dogs, he’s just fine.  He spent the day following her around .. even into the bathroom (typical Airedale).


Do you love Airedales, but perhaps it is not the right time in your life for a time-consuming  younger dog? Please consider giving a home to this Airedale gentleman. He is 11 years young  and other than a little arthritis in his hips, is in great shape. He is very affectionate and would love nothing more than to give and receive love.

What will you get if you adopt Pancho?

LOVE AND AFFECTION: The joy on his face every time you walk into the room can only be called unconditional love. You will never lack for snuggles with Pancho in your home! He will be forever grateful if you give him a second chance at love. Unlike a youngster, he won’t jump up on you and your friends.

COMPANIONSHIP: You’ll never feel lonely with Pancho at your side.

HEALTH: Lower stress? Check! Reduced risk of heart disease? Check! Decreased depression and anxiety? Check! Giving a home to Pancho may be your most affordable and reliable health care policy!

PROTECTION: Pancho will let you know if anyone is at the door and whoever is there will think twice before entering. Pancho will help you feel more secure and protected.

ENGAGEMENT: Your friends may be settled and your children all grown up, but a dog needs and values daily care and attention. Adopting Pancho will keep you actively involved in the life of another.

LAUGHTER: Watching Pancho toss a bone or chewy around and pounce on it will bring joy to your heart and laughter to your lips.

Pancho would love to be the only dog of someone who is home 24/7.  He should be fine with a working family as long as he gets lots of attention when you are home and the hours alone are not extreme. He uses a dog door at his foster home. He does have thunder anxiety and will try to escape if he is left outside during a storm. His foster mom wraps an Ace bandage around him, closes the blinds to the room, covers his crate with blankets, plays loud music or a television program, gives him a frozen marrow bone and sits by him until he settles down. He has been fine with this technique, but it does require that someone is going to be home if a storm comes up.

He didn’t grow up with children, but is very gentle with people, so should be fine with them. However, he is too frail to stand up to rough play and an adult home would be best.

He is choosy about his dog companions.  He might be fine with a calm older female dog about his own size, but introductions would be necessary to be sure.  He was not raised with cats, and we have no idea whether he could live with a cat.

Pancho is a tall, slim 65 lb. 11 year old neutered male. He was formerly an outdoor dog, but uses the dog door at his foster home and hasn’t made a housebreaking mistake since the first day.

We do not ship our dogs.  We would prefer to place Pancho in Tucson or Phoenix, but if you are willing to drive to Tucson, please feel free to tell your local Airedale Rescue volunteer that you are interested in Pancho and we will see if we can work things out.

Please let us know if you have any questions. Prior to adoption, you will need to fill out an
application with references (link to application above) and a home visit will need to be done.