The Airedale Drinking Problem
(The Dirty Little Secret About the Breed we Love)

Abbey is doing just wonderfully and is fully settled in now. We are very lucky -- she is the greatest. The only thing is she seems to have a drinking problem (grin). We have that fountain on the patio -- I don't know if you noticed it -- but she puts her whole head up to her eyes in it, then comes by and dribbles all over the place. I guess she cools off that way.
Dean and Joyce
Abbey at the Fountain Abbey Drips

Our beloved Airedale, Sudie (1991-2001) did this all the time. We would just say "Uh-oh, Sudie's been snorkeling!" She would actually blow bubbles. Her "snorkeling" would always make us laugh!

Barnaby Barnaby
Slurp!! Ahhh! That hit the spot!

Rosie takes great gulping snatches of water and then walks away with a huge mouthful 'til she finds a suitable spot to deposit it. Suitable to her that is :-(

With mine it seems to be determined more by the drinking technique than the length of the beard as Ruaridh has a manly beard and yet is most fastidious in his quaffing.


We keep our water bucket in the laundry room where there is a ceramic tile floor... and mops within easy reach!

Trudi is the daintiest drinker and rarely gets even a drop on her beard.

Teddy on the other hand, is a slobber-'dale! We have spare towels hanging where we can "ambush" him and dry his beard before he dries it on us.

Not only is Teddy a messy drinker, he will hoard bits of kibble, treats, grass and dirt in his beard and wash these off into the water bucket. Then he'll have the nerve to look at the bucket and back up at me as if to say "you don't expect me to drink from that slop, do you?"

Being the well-trained ADT-owned owner that I am, I obediently drain the water and fill the pail with fresh water for his next beard rinse....


Monica with Teddy (slurp, slurp, slurp... want some mom?) and Trudi (ick! Boys are sooo messy!)

We are very fortunate that Abby and Demi are dainty drinkers like Trudy. Gabby is not the daintiest, but also not the worst either-especially compared to others:) Mac, a previous foster, was the absolute worst. He felt the need to "share" his drinks with whomever was unlucky enough to see him first after he finished drinking. Although Demi is not an Olympic drinker, she does occasionally decide to splash in the water bowl. She loves to paw around-not sure if she thinks there might be a morsel of food or not. Anyone else's dale splash and make a mess like Demi?


Andy Andy
Andy is camel boy...he literally drinks a whole bowl full of water and then the excess drips(pours) out as he walks away. He only drinks a few times a day, but he empties the whole bowl at a time.

Holly is a lapper, nothing extraordinaire. Kiowa, OTOH, laps up a couple of tonguefuls and then puts his nose in the aire to swallow.....he looks like a bird getting a drink.....all this from 70 pounds of dog is just too much funny!

Alice is a slob...water everywhere, inserts her head, gurgles, tosses her head back high in the aire whilst she is chewing it and it slops out the sides of her mouth, the spray gets all walls and cupboards wet and then she heads for legs or furniture to wipe off. just lovely, not!

Drinking with a sense of humor:

Bentley from the git go was taught to "WAIT" after his drinkies for us to wipe his beard. He is actually very neat about it and has a little placemat for his water bowl.

The sense of humor is when is is really having fun about the house, some tuckbuttruns etc... he waits till I'm at the furtherest point in the house and then races over to the water bowl, dips his beard in it and races about the house having a grand old time and I swear he has a big silly grin on his face.

The balance of the time, he will even stand back up (he is a layabout for drinking) and wait till someone comes over with his towel.


Its my only claim to an indoor pool.......................